About Us

Established in March 2012, “Bobs House” is a “Bibimbap House”.  “Bibimbap” is very popular Traditional Korean Dish.  “Bibim” means “Mix”. “Bap” means “Rice”.  Therefore “Bibimbap” means “Mixed Rice” which all the vegetables and Meats are Mixed with Rice after putting in Red Pepper based Special Sauce  called “GoChuJang—Pepper Paste”.

Mix&Eat: This is how to enjoy the “BiBimBap”  The beauty of Bibimbap lies at the how well the one is mixing of the ingredients. 

Bobs House: Means “Rice House” which often refers to “Casual Restaurant” in Korea 

Pizza: Formerly known as “New York Pizza”, Bobs House has been serving Pizza for more than 20 Years.  You can expect all the great Pizza you had with NY Pizza.  With  the Dough freshly made from scratch and with our own Pizza Sauce, our Thin Crust Pizza is everyone craves about..